3FORTY3 helped us land the best CMO on the market! They exceeded expectations and were our trusted advisors throughout the process; tireless, great work ethic, on top of the details – over communicating along the way. Based on our amazing experience, 3FORTY3 is now our executive recruitment firm of choice.

Ariel Cohen & Ilan Twig, Co-Founders, TripActions

The 3FORTY3 team rocks! In short order they were able to engage and close our top candidate. They are also a lot of fun to partner with – I highly recommend them for tough GTM searches.
RTY3 team.

Jason Gardner, CEO, Marqeta
Marqeta CEO Color

I’ve worked with a bevy of exec-recruiters and the team at 3FORTY3 are some of the best out there. They’re really smart, know their functional areas inside out, are consultative, operate with high integrity, and will work with you to find a good match rather than overselling you on candidates. I wholeheartedly recommend their team.

Ali Ghodsi, CEO & Co-Founder, Databricks
Ali Ghodsi CEO Databricks

We partnered with 3FORTY3 on a recent marketing leadership search and we’re very pleased with their process and the end results. 3FORTY3 got into the market quickly and they were developing compelling candidates right from the start. Even though it was a tough search, we landed a phenomenal candidate and would highly recommend them for executive GTM focused searches.

Alex Austin, CEO, Branch
Branch Metrics CEO Alex

We had great experience with 3FORTY3 recently on an ambitious CMO search. The team spent a lot of energy up front getting to know us at a granular level and quickly delivered a high-quality pipeline of differentiated candidates that gave us a great sense of the market. They ran a thoughtful and highly effective process from launch through hire and they’re also a lot of fun to work with. I would highly recommend the 3FORTY3 team to any entrepreneur looking to hire world-class executive talent.

Ara Mahdessia, Vahe Kuzoyan, Co-Founders, ServiceTitan

We were looking for a transformational leader as our CMO – someone that uniquely fit our culture, who was passionate about our product / vision, empathetic to the challenges of our customers and adaptable to the complexities of our biz model.  The 3FORTY3 team understood the high-bar and subtle nuances and they delivered a positive outcome that my team, Board and I are thrilled with.  They managed a thorough and expeditious search while making it an enjoyable process. I would highly recommend to any Founder/CEO.

Sid Sijbrandij, Founder & CEO, Gitlab

It was a pleasure to partner with 3FORTY3 on our recent CMO search. They invested the time upfront to fully understand our unique business and culture and helped us land our number one choice, in short order. Highly recommend using them for tough GTM searches.

Anant Kale, CEO & Founder, AppZen

The CMO search is one of the most competitive we’ve had to do. 3FORTY3 really understood our needs and led a flawless process. I really appreciate how they were always available and on top of everything throughout the process. Their advice at the key moments of the search was invaluable.

Nicolas Dessaigne, CEO & Co-Founder, Algolia

It was a pleasure to partner with 3FORTY3 on our recent CMO search. They invested the time upfront to fully understand our unique business and culture and helped us land our number one choice, in short order. Highly recommend using them for tough GTM searches.

Jay Lee, Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Jay Lee Auditboard

I only have the best things to say about 3FORTY3! From the professionalism, to the network, to maintaining the highest bar throughout the search, even when it seemed tough – outstanding client experience and result.

Ryan Chan, Founder & CEO, UpKeep

We quickly learned the 3FORTY3 Operations team capitalizes on an unparalleled depth of experience, not only in the world of executive search, but as true operations professionals. They have expert knowledge of the market, speak the language, and understand our operational needs. Adding value above and beyond the standard executive search, we’re fortunate to have such a trusted partner to help build an exceptional leadership team.

Elram Goren, Co-Founder & CEO, Fabric
Fabric CEO

The team at 3FORTY3 were an incredible partner landing our ‘first choice’ CMO. Our bar was unapologetically high; the team was relentless in pursuit with access to the very best in global marketers.

Rhys Hughes, VP Global Talent, Rubrik
Rubrik VP Global Talent

They are fantastic to work with — responsive, diligent and informed on the market. Great process that balanced getting to know us, our business and what was key to success in the role. They brought us the right kind of quality candidates quickly and consistently. We landed an impactful executive. Would highly recommend the 3FORTY3 team.

Greg Murphy, President & CEO, Ordr
Greg Murphy CEO Ordr

The partnership with 3FORTY3 exceeded our expectations. They took the time to learn our business, team and culture and we ultimately closed our top candidate. They worked at a fierce pace to uncover the best candidates, passionately selling the company along the way. I highly recommend the 3FORTY3 team.

Alex Ratner, CEO & Co-Founder

3FORTY3 did an amazing job for us — tireless, thorough, and always on top of things. We were introduced to an impressive roster of candidates and they helped us find someone who was a great leader and culture fit. Thanks again!

Scott Stephenson, Co-Founder & CEO

We worked with 3FORTY3 over the past couple of years to build out a world-class Operations team. The Partners executed a highly transparent and disciplined process, provided relevant market feedback helpful to our business, and delivered top-notch candidates. I found 3FORTY3 to be a marketplace leader, capitalizing on a unique mix of top-tier executive search talent combined with meaningful, real-world ops leadership experience.

Kate Roberts, Chief Operating Officer

We first partnered with 3FORTY3 in 2015 for an Operations leadership role, and – with our growing needs – have recently returned to the firm for support with additional Operations leadership roles. The 3FORTY3 team has been a consistent and reliable resource for us as our company evolves through each new phase.

Jenny Du, Co-Founder

Absolute professionals! Excellent communication throughout. Tight process. We looked at a healthy pool of qualified candidates in short order. After we selected our candidate, 3FORTY3 was very helpful and a strategic partner in the closing of our new Chief Commercial Officer. Would definitely recommend them to anyone in the network.

Jeff Linnell, CEO
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